Was I ABDUCTED?!?!?!

If you’ve read my post about conspiracies or even about the tips on how to survive living by yourself without turning into a real life horror movie, you know that I DON’T like aliens. Not. One. Bit.

But after talking about it a bit and watching a few alien based videos by either Shane or Top15s or some other YouTube channel somehow, I decided to look up possible signs to show if you’ve been abducted or not. Yeah, I connected with most of them…. Or I could just be crazy…. Which is one of the signs, but I’ll post my source once I’m done explaining, so don’t worry. Also, check it out in case you’re interested to see if you’ve been abducted or is just as paranoid and crazy as me! 😀


I’ll be listing the symptoms I relate to in the order I read them so the numbers involved here won’t match up with the list I read.

1) Tapping/Humming noises

One of the things I’ve been hearing a lot since we moved when I was 8 or so was a constant tapping noise whenever I was alone in my room and it was usually between 12pm and 10 pm and it would come in and out. At first I just thought it was my bookshelf or my door (which was ruled out once I closed it) but after adjusting the former, it still continued before stopping and then starting up again. The thing is is that the pattern is at random and I normally can’t really tell where it was coming from. I used to have a tapping come from the window but it just later turned out to be rain drainage hitting my window at a weird angle.

2) Being watched

This is most likely paranoia but I’ve always thought I’ve been being watched, whether it was from my parents or something else. I can’t remember if I experienced a similar feeling as a child as I’ve been only conscious of what’s happening right now and it’s really freaky. I would just put this down under paranoia but I figured I’d talk about this anyways.

3) A need to travel

There had been many times where in the middle of class or in the middle of doing something else, I had a sudden need to go places that I’ve never actually been. There was one time in the middle of English that I suddenly had the urge to get on a plane and go to Russia and later in history it was to Japan. In both cases, neither country was mentioned in any conversation and I was completely zoned out when I had the urge. It was super freaky and when I first experienced it, I brushed it off as a funny little joke and made it due to the fact that I was bored. But how could I be bored when I was zoned out, enjoying my brain as it was completely blank to the world? That’s literally one of my favourite things to do!!!

4) Unexplained medical problems

Just recently my family and I found out that I had an allergic reaction to cantaloupe, which had never happened before. I love cantaloupe, and while it’s been a while since I had it (maybe 4 months?), it was surprising and very anxiety filling to suddenly have my lips swelling. It wasn’t life threatening like my peanut allergy is, but it was very scary. My parents think it has something to do with the allergy medicine (Just a small white pill you can get a two pack of at Costco called Allertec) that I haven’t been taking, but I think that’s a bit far-fetched, so I’m waiting until I get confirmation completely from an actual doctor. Though I am taking my medication again… Bleh

5) Psychic abilities

Never before have I been interested in anything psychic related until now. It wasn’t until I started having deja vu moments occurring more often than normal that I started to learn that there is a possibility that being a psychic runs through my mom’s side of the family. Apparently my grandpa had some form of deja vu ability where he could tell the future a bit. Recently I’ve gotten my own deck of tarot cards (which I feel like I’ve connected with on some level) and I’ve practiced a little but I don’t feel comfortable just yet to test my abilities on other people until the cards and I can completely understand one another. My mom has her own deck, but they’ve been stored away in my closet under a bunch of stuff. But I completely believe that deja vu is a form of psychic ability. It doesn’t help that just recently I had a moment where I remembered I saw something exactly like the situation, even down to the scene of “The Office” Christmas episode where the boss gets dumped! And to the fruit by the foot! Crazy!

6) Balls of light

This is a bit self explanatory but occaisonally I’ve seen flashes of light from the corner of my eye and usually I’ve passed it off as my eyes acting funny, but having it when I’m alone or in the middle of class, during a no phone based test? No.

7) “Special”

Whether this is due to being an only child or not, I don’t know, but I sense that there’s always something special about me that I have to do. Like, I have a special mission of sorts that will be the cause of whether the world ends or not. I don’t know. But it’s kinda freaky whether or not it’s because I’m egotistical or not.

8) Psychic

This connects a bit with Number 5, so I won’t explain it again, but it’s interesting that psychic abilities or being able to correctly sense something happening without much of an influence

9) Fears or Phobias

The description of this is “You have inexplicable feelings of aversion to heights, snakes, spiders, large insects, certain sounds, bright lights, personal safety and/or a fear of being alone. (Source at the bottom)”. Despite the fact that I’m planning on traveling this summer, I have a fear of my own personal safety (mainly due to allergies), spiders, certain sounds, and being alone. I hate being alone and I used to panic when I was left alone for too long of a time, which was usually about an hour. Now I can last a few extra hours by myself but it’s still something I fear. Aside from actually physically being alone, being alone emotionally is also very scary and I fear that one day I will actually be left alone like that.

10) Special place

This may not count, but I always counted my room as a special place. It was the only place that only I stayed. People can come and go, but my room was my solitude and I feel at peace when I’m alone by myself in my room. The only time when I don’t feel safe in my special place is when I feel like I’m being watched or I’ve recently had a rather scary and emotional roller coaster.

11) Self-esteem problems

Again, this topic could be from an outside source like society or actual aliens, but lately, especially the last couple of years, I haven’t felt mych worth about my life, but nothing close to being suicidal. Just jumps from being extremely happy and than later I think I’m worthless and I shouldn’t have been born and then I’m back to being somewhat normal and happy until later I’m back to being depressed and wishing my parents had aborted me when they had the chance. It still happens now, but I think stress is starting to mix in with that and the fact that it doesn’t feel like I’m connecting much with those around me like I used to and I don’t know if it’s mostly me or both of us.

12) Aversion

This relates back to the mentions of aliens I’ve had in past posts. The fact that I screamed and threw tantrums during the opening sequence because it was alien related. Despite the fact that I have an Alienology book, I’ve only opened it a few times and I haven’t touched it since nor do I want to cause it scares me. Anything alien related I just want to bolt and hide underneath the covers like a four year old. I used to love the tiny little alien parachute toys you could get with Chuck-EE-Cheese tickets. Now I can tolerate them but it’s not something I’d want to get anymore. Despite the fact that the silver one was always my favourite.

13) Nose bleeds

I used to get nose bleeds a lot in my childhood, whether it was picking my nose or not, and while I don’t get them now, I do way up with dried blood around the opening of my nostrils sometimes, so it’s kinda freaky…

14) Back or neck problems

My mom says that my back problems are mostly due to my bad posture, but I now have another reason to complain. It’s usually my lower back and it can spread to my stomach and sometimes I can’t move because the pain becomes unbearable that I have to lay down and curl up or lay flat against the ground with my back pressed against it.

15) Electronic malfunction

The TV and most of my electronics don’t really malfunction except for the ones that I use constantly that I touch with my actual hands. My phone, constantly, has sudden blacked out with nothing related to restarting and then it comes back on after a few seconds. My 3DS has done some weird abnormal shit and just earlier today, while looking at the alien list, the laptop I was using at school suddenly crashed and restarted with no reason!

16) Ringing in the ears

Pretty self-explanatory…

17) Going crazy

I mentioned this earlier about me possibly just being crazy or paranoid, but since it’s one of the symptoms, it’s probably being normal if thinking your crazy is considered crazy enough to be a normal symptom…

18) Paranormal

Many times my parents and I joke that whatever is happening upstairs when we’re not there is the demon. And at times, when I feel the most scared, my mom says that our demon would protect me in the dark. But if our demon exists, it tripped once in the night while in my room because the right side of my bed, which is against the wall and has a bunch of stuff in front of it’s only “opening” near the smaller end of the bed, was pushed against and it freaked me the fudge out. Like, when I told my mom she just said it was a stuffed animal falling but I was like “No, it pushed and shoved against it for a split second and it wasn’t our neighbors because it was too strong and it wasn’t me because I wouldn’t have been so scared. Like, it was super scary and I didn’t sleep until an hour or so later. I also think I sometimes have a ghost watching me while I sleep that likes to curl up against me whenever it’s feeling lonely and I’m in my room. Or when we get random shivers, I believe it’s a ghost walking through us and I swear it’s a ghost. I had my friend America promise me that if she ever sees a ghost around me at all, like following me, (since she claims to see ghosts and until proven otherwise I’m going to believe her) she has to tell me and let me know if it has good or bad intentions.

19) Compulsive/Addictive

I have a compulsive need to tense my muscles at random points in my life, usually my torso and rarely my legs, and if I have anything else with compulsory, I don’t know at the moment. I do know I have a Carmex, cow, stuffed animal, blanket, hair dying, and knuckle cracking addiction that I’ve been slowly trying to wain myself off of but it’s rather hard to do that.

20) Remain vigilant

I think this is mainly due to paranoia rather than abduction but I don’t feel safe unless I sneeze or know my parents are nearby.

21) Sleep against the wall

The description for this is “You feel the need you must have your bed against the wall” which is odd because in my entire life I’ve always had my bed against the wall and it feels really weird and wrong to think of my bed being placed not against the wall? If that makes sense?



I think this is mostly it but, again, I could be missing some stuff by not recalling anything at the moment. But the need to write this out and tell someone was so strong that I couldn’t resist.

Let me know if some of you experienced any of these that I’ve listed out cause I’m actually curious to know if anyone has felt the same things as I do. 

And again, this is just my opinion and experience with a list that I found and take no credit for and WILL be putting the link at the bottom of this, so check it out in case you’re interested in the other symptoms of alien abduction! It’s a list of 72 things and I’m pretty sure that they should have 71 because I think “Being Watched” was repeated…




SOURCE: http://humansarefree.com/2015/01/72-possible-signs-of-alien-abduction.html





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