My Favourite Cartoons/Anime from my Childhood (and Ongoing)


I recently talked to my parents about an old (considered old by 12 year old today) cartoon TV show that we have the complete DVDs for and then I remembered all the old cartoons and anime I remember watching or was told I watched as a child.


1) Daria

I think Daria is one of the few cartoons that I actually got into immediately as a child. It features a teen girl named Daria Morgendorfer of average looks and a sarcastic and monotone humor that moves with her two overbearing parents and annoying little sister that tries to ignore her that starts her last year of high school. It mostly follows some random but also pretty normal occurrences and Lawndale High between the main cast and a few minor characters that leave some pretty funny moments with dry humor involved.

I loved most episodes of Daria, though I didn’t exactly like much with her later love interest Tom, though that’s probably because I felt that she and Trent Lane, her best friend’s older brother, was a better match than her and Tom. Either way, I didn’t like Tom very much in most of the episodes he was featured in and I was very glad when they broke up in the end before the movie “Is it College Yet?”. Either way, my favourite out of all the episodes had to be “Daria!” which is where the entire episode is made like a musical and it was, by far, the best episode because we got to see the singing voices of most of the main cast and as a child I loved it. Even now I enjoy it more than the rest of the episodes, even both movies “Is it Fall Yet?” and “Is it College Yet?”.


2) The Simpsons

I’ve been told by this many times but, apparently, when I was only a few hours old, I’ve liked The Simpsons. Though, while the animation style has improved and the stories have declined (in my personal opinion), I still love the show. I’ve spent each summer break watching all the series that we own before FOX stopped producing DVDs of the later seasons at least once.

Since the show is so old and it appeared on basic cable for the “poor” people when I was younger, most of my friends now have either never watched The Simpsons or hasn’t even heard of it. One of my friends has seen an episode or two but has said that they never liked it and for that I understand. But it’s a bit saddening because most of my humor has been based on the show since it’s been around since the early 90s and I’ve been alive since the 1999s…


3) South Park

South Park isn’t exactly old but it’s not new either. Most people know South Park as the swear word filled paper cut outs that have no exact “plot” until just recently. I’d disapprove of that statement for I’ve been watching South Park since I was 8 years old and I’ve always found the humor hilarious despite the multitude of swear words. I mean, there’s even an episode where the word “shit” was an actual curse that created an entire demon to come out and they had to put it back into the ground with the help of the knights to kill it.

Since there are so many episodes that I love, I can’t necessarily say which is my ultimate favourite. And don’t even ask about my favourite character cause you’ll get an even longer list with about ten characters clogging up the number 1 spot. And I don’t want a repeat of the List episode that caused Kyle to go crazy and almost burn down the school.

Either way, South Park is another show where very few of my friends get. Only just recently did one of my friends start watching it so we do the “Aaaayyy!” with the finger guns when one of us make a reference. It doesn’t feel exactly the same as if everyone watched it and the other person whom I know favors the show we aren’t particularly friends anymore, so there’s no connection….


4) Sonic X

I haven’t watched this anime in years (despite watching it on 4KIDS it’s technically an anime) but it’s always my favourite. Also, I watched it as an “English Dubbed” anime so I guess translation errors were mostly what made it completely hilarious to a 5 year old me.

In any case, Sonic X was a pretty good anime. You were introduced to Doctor Eggman and his robots (which I can’t remember their names atm) and we never really know about his real named: Doctor Ivo Robotnik. We also got to know a rather sexy bat that made many question their sexuality, Sonic, Christopher (Robin LOL), Amy Rose, Tails, Cheese, Cream, and a whole bunch of animals and later on we saw the good guy crew with the Chameleon, Crocodile, and the annoying Bee character. Those three came waaaaay after I stopped watching Sonic but I felt that this cartoon focused a lot about Sonic’s fear of large bodies of water and even more on his avoidance of Amy. Plus, we got to see a lot of Chao. I think the Nintendo Gamecube game I have is based off of this anime….


5) The Smurfs

When I lived at my old apartment complex between the ages 1 to 8, we had the channel to the original Smurfs. I don’t remember a lot of watching this but I do actually remembering watching it in the first place and can remember blips and pieces of small blue people living in mushrooms and wanting to have hair like Smurfette. This was way before the Smuf movies that came out in the 2010 decade. I think my parents were more into it than I was but I still like the Smurfs today, but less of Smurfette and more of Brainy Smurf or Vainy Smurf.


6) One Piece

This is what my mother says she remembers me watching a lot when I was three. I watch it more now, since I know a lot more about it (well, I read it more than watch), but since I don’t have a lot of memories (basically zero), I’m basing this off of my mother’s memory than my own. I still think it’s a good anime, though, so if I still see it now, it’s something important in my life.


7) Family Guy

Family Guy is the second thing I watched and was even considered a few months older than me by now. I think that’s pretty cool.

Considering it’s like The Simposons by now, with a declining story line and animation becoming more advanced, it’s not something I watch constantly anymore. Mainly because I find some of the jokes they make stupid now and I don’t go out of my way to even see it unless Stewie or (sigh) Brian are the main focal point in the episode. I, personally, think they should do more Stewie and Brian skits and focus more on Meg in a positive light, like they did for a bit in the episode where she got famous and pretty thanks to a make over (despite how petty people were there as well).



Those are most of the things I remember watching as a kid. I’m sure my parents would input more cartoons that I’ve seen and continue seeing even now, but I’m starting to come up empty at the moment so this is as far as I’ll go today.











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