Horror and Conspiracies


I wasn’t usually the one for horror movies as a child. Whenever my parents would have wanted to watch The X-Files during dinner or some other time I as around them, I would go into small panic attacks that involved plugging my ears and doing an escalating version of arpeggios, scales and sometimes screaming just to not hear the opening theme song. My parents would probably just say I’m over exaggerating about such things, but even now I can go into a state where I can’t do anything else but try and ignore the sounds coming from the speakers if I can’t switch the TV channels fast enough. I’d have terrible nightmares whenever I managed to get through a jumpscare filled horror movie or a bloodbath of a zombie flick. I can still remember one nightmare I had as a child where my old school was infested by zombies and my parents and I had taken refuge in the front office with the principle infected as the rest of the parents and students are stuck in the front part of the school where all the students had to wait until the first bell to be able to go to class were feasted upon.

Now, it’s a bit ironic. Around the time I was 12 or so, I received my first zombie plush, which I deemed Krackerz. He gained a family: Cheeze, his wife, their children Krumbz and Kookiez, and their three faithful zombie pets, a rabbit named Pippin, a ThinkGeek monkey named Timothy, and a cat named Sylvester Deathmittens. From there, because of my plush family, I guess my fear of zombies soon turned to a curiosity and then a frenzy of fangirling that probably was helped by The Walking Dead, which I became a fan of about two or three years after the first season came out.

After zombies came monsters and then all together, horror movies in general. And now, since Hollywood-made horror flicks are becoming dull or remade or a plot full of cliches, I’ve turned my faith towards the Internet.

Now, let me explain a little more into my fear as a child before I step any further into this post. If there’s one thing I try not to touch it’s aliens. Already I get, what I like to call, War Flashbacks whenever a thunderstorm happens wherever I’m at. War of the Worlds, starring Tom Cruise, was one of the flashbacks, causing panic attacks at the thought that large, seed-like beings digging into the earth and springing out once hit by another strike of lightening coming to life into the real world. Even now, 12 years since the first time I watched it as a child at the age of five, I feel fear grip at my chest and feel my breathing become irregular at any sign of thunder and lightening, though the latter more in particular.

A similar feeling erupts whenever I think of the Signs, starring Mel Gibson and directed by M. Night Shaymalan, though that was merely because of the look of the aliens involved and the fact that the jumpscares and suspense were, admittedly, well-timed for an alien movie.

I’m sure there are many more alien based movies that have given me more nightmares and irrational imaginations and habits (including Aliens, Predator, and so on), there some alien based movies that are either meant to be funny (such as any of the Scary Movie parodies) or makes the viewer sympathize with the victimized “alien” in the end (District 9).

But I digress.

Aliens aren’t my type of horror thing, mainly because since I’ve stumbled upon a few Shane Dawson’s alien based creepy videos that I’ve begrudgingly watched and regretted soon after and even watched an episode or two from the Psychic Twins that have appeared a few times on his channel on their own channel that has freaked me out a few times. Each one, though, involved an alien encounter or abduction, and after a few joking minutes of talking to my friend, America (who shall be named so upon future posts), of possibly being abducted as a child, calmed down. It wasn’t until watching a video that the Psychic Twins had posted with Shane talking about aliens and the signs of alien abductions that I possibly considered was a possibly for myself, after considering some of the symptoms that are possible. Now, I try not to think too much of it.

But again, I’m straying from the point of this post.

I wanted to talk about the conspiracies that I’ve seen over the past few weeks of watching YouTube videos that have extreme signs of deep research and proof and even ghost/creature/alien based videos from Top15s, Shane, and the Psychic Twins and even my own dabbling into the CreepyPasta side of the Internet and the famed H.P Lovecraft book I have downstairs that I hope to finish reading in the next few years.

Let’s begin with conspiracies. Now, I don’t always believe the conspiracies that I’ve encountered over the few weeks. The ones that I do particularly believe in is the “Paul is Dead” theory, the Illuminati, and sometimes even the FEMA camps if I thought hard on it. Though with the latter, it’s a bit hard to believe that if FEMA really wanted to create a camp ground that can collect the entire human population to be able to mass kill them, then why choose Wal*Mart? Malls would make a lot more sense, to me, considering their bigger and their parking lots, despite popular belief, has a lot more space. Why else would they make parking garages and make most malls so large and empty feeling with so many “security only” places they don’t want civilians to go to? Why do you think that bigger malls have smaller ones so close to them? Because they want to have their underground tunnels to be of easier access than the long tunnels supposedly under those five Wal*Marts?

Now, there are some that just seem particularly stupid. I won’t name any at the moment, for I don’t have the information needed to back up my case and I’m not that idiotic to go out on an argument with guns a blazing with no extra bullets.

I find conspiracies to be particularly interesting. Mainly because people can find the smallest details and make them seem bigger than they are and actually make it make extreme sense. Like the streaks of “jet exhaust” across the sky being the possibility of the government either (A) trying to control the weather or (B) producing mind control chemicals that everyone’s breathing in. But some, like the lizard theory, seem a bit out there. I mean, the fact that aliens are controlling the government or the Illuminati doing it or even the Devil himself, sounds more plausible.

Now let’s move on to the ghosts and other horror based things. Ghosts, monsters, and cursed objects are certainly more popular to find on the Internet than conspiracies (or at least it’s easier to find on YouTube than conspiracies). There are some that seem actually quite believable, even if there’s people saying it’s easily faked.

One of the things I believe to actually exist is the Jersey Devil. I believed it existed the first time I saw a quick video about it on Facebook and showed it to my mother. It was one of the few creatures that didn’t send a spike of adrenaline and fear into my system and the need to run away. And if it’s all faked, then it’s a bit odd to choose a goat with dragon wings. I am a believer of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Chupacabra. I’m also an expert in a small portion of Japanese Youkai, thanks to a school project that I did with a friend for culture points so whenever I see proof of a Youkai existing, I’m more excited than scared.

Speaking of Youkai, one of the videos that I watched that allowed me to squeal in joy was the Japanese tire commercial that Shane showed on his creepy commercial video. It was the one with the girl that looked like the girl from the grudge standing out in the snow and immediately I thought of the Yuki-onna, or the Snow woman. More videos that were shown in Japan also allow me to see Youkai, such as the tsunami mist creature that could possibly be a Youkai or a trick of the light or the woman that suddenly appears when a man gets into a taxi (which, to be honest, I thought looked like the Kuchisake-onna, or Cut mouth woman). Either way, I’m not entirely fearful of Japanese ghosts, creatures, and monsters because I’ve done research so knowing what I can do in case I happen to suddenly encounter one could save my life.

KUCHISAKE-ONNA TIP: If one suddenly encounters a dark haired woman with a mask covering the lower part of her face, asking you if you think she’s pretty and reveals her face underneath, all sliced up like Jeff the Killer, don’t say yes and don’t say no. If you say yes, you’re going to be called a liar and you’ll be killed. If you say no, she’s going to go crazy and hate you, and you’re going to die because now she thinks you think she’s ugly. Say “You look okay” or “You look average” (I’m unsure how to translate まあまあ directly into English, but it’s basically so-s0) because the answer with confuse the woman and as she thinks about your answer it will give you time to book your ass out of there.


One of the creatures I don’t think is possible, after showing my mother, is the Russian spider-like creature. It’s mainly the fact that it’s quite spider-like and it gives me the heebie jeebies. The same goes for anything that resembles the Rake, though whenever I see videos I have to shake my head at the poor skills of identifying the Rake, for the Rake crawls on both hands and feet and all things shown is either small or is standing more like it’s cold and it’s taking a casual stroll.

I find any noises found to be quite interesting. The one involving trumpets being heard or the dragons off into the distance is quite interesting, though anything that involved the “Bloop” (which the narrator pronounced as “Blop”) to be quite adorable. Julia, on the other hand, (which is like Bloop but a bit deeper into the ocean) is a bit too much even for me. Recorded exorcists are also quite interesting, as I watched one that was in India with the woman being exorcised by the Quran that said “I’m protecting her. She needs me”. And to be honest, I felt a little flattered that a demon wants to protect a woman. Though it also made me a bit pissed into thinking that only demons possess women and I’m insulted at the thought that all stories think women are weak enough to be the only one possessed 99% of the time.

Now that I’ve delved a bit into demons and creatures, ghosts are up next. Ghosts are a bit tricky, because they can be confused with poltergeists. There’s also the fact that people decide it’s okay to use a Ouija board to contact either of these and end up getting a demon instead and I’m like “NOPE! YOU IDIOTS!” whenever such things happen. Either way, I’m sticking with tarot cards rather than anything like that. Ouija boards are a giant no-no in my book, because there’s so many things that can happen that could possibly kill or hurt you and I’m also not in to talking too much to a demon that could already kill me. I’m okay with the demon in my own home (which is jokingly said between my family and I). Which I feel is a better option than a robber, because at least I know what a demon might want than a robber when I’m home alone.

I feel like I’ve rambled on longer than I planned and I was gonna get to the CreepyPasta side of this post, but since that’s a side I’m more comfortable with, I may just make a separate post about it instead.





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