Likes, Dislikes, and Me

Normally, I’d begin a post with a bright and excitable “Yo!” but considering this is my first post, let’s have a little Get to Know Me as a good beginning. I’m unsure of the exact format I want, so I figured a bullet point list along with a few extended paragraphs would do for now. 😛


  • Cows
  • Anime/Manga (Hetalia, Library Wars, Naruto, Samurai 7, etc)
  • Being scared (reasonably, of course)
  • Homestuck
  • Reading
  • Hoodies
  • Drawing/Sketches
  • Watching a lot of YouTube videos


  • Bullies
  • Spiders
  • Spicy things
  • People who can’t tell between a joke and being mean
  • Being photographed


Those are just a simple completion of some of my likes and dislikes that have been appearing over the years I’ve been alive.

Some more simple information about me:

  • I’m currently learning Japanese and will probably add a few posts that are in crappy Japanese that I try to put together that makes sense and I’ve been learning for approximately four years now and I plan to continue
  • I hope to create a successful YouTube channel though I have yet to film or edit anything just yet, but once I do, I might share in a later post
  • My friends call me Russia, based off of Hetalia, because in our small group, we have two female Jordan’s who only have one vowel of difference so they’re called America and Canada (also based off of Hetalia)
  • I also have a tumblr, though despite having it for 2 years, it’s not as popular as one of my side blogs, which I’ve sorta been ignoring, and it’s kinda sad…
  • I believe I’m extremely funny, though most of the populace of the world seem to think otherwise, but oh well. I think I’m still funny


That’s just a little sneak peak into me, the author, and possible future posts.







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