Ouija Boards



One of the things that I enjoy watching or reading about are Ouija boards. Mainly because of how stupid people can be while doing so. Whether you believe it or not doesn’t really matter because whenever I watch them on YouTube I’m either shocked at how people act or bored because nothing really interesting happened.

There are many videos of people messing with Ouija boards. The most popular or highly viewed or uploaded from popular creators are usually seen first so there isn’t a lot of new videos you can see when you go on YouTube and I haven’t exactly been interested in searching through Google or Bing because I’m sure I’d find the exact same material I’d see in the first five or six videos I’d see.

Anyways these are the things I see most common in Ouija board videos that are kind of annoying and not really that scary.


1) Possession

I understand that’s basically the main reason that Ouija board videos are made interesting but it’s seriously so boring now that for actual Ouija board content to be seen, someone just has to get possessed. Like, not all demons or ghosts are out to possess people. Some are probably actually interested in talking and messing with people by saying random facts that only one person would know or whatever. So it’s pretty boring when 4 out of 5 times a Ouija board video has one or two people getting possessed by a demon


2) ZoZo or Mama

In case you don’t know, ZoZo and Mama are demons famous for possessing people who use the Ouija board. I feel like ZoZo is slightly more popular, but in any case, it’s not really a good idea to contact either demons. There is a reason why these two are considered the most dangerous. They’re known to possessing or terrorizing people through the Ouija and I’m pretty sure some cause actual death. I won’t go into too much detail about these two because I don’t even know a lot that’s from personal research but that’s because I try and stay away from researching such things because it’s pure instinct to not to!


3) Attacks

Getting attacked in some way or form is also pretty common from these videos. They’re probably the most common actions in any of these videos because there has to be some proof and sometimes some fakers find that easier than possession. It might be a door opening/slamming, glass breaking, scratches or bruises on one of the persons, or anything that shows something moving or threatening the people in the video while they do the Ouija. There are times when it’s painfully obvious that they’re fake, but in either case (real or not), it’s annoying and common for attacks to happen to have proof that a ghost or demon is in the room and answering.


4)Psychic Readings

I know this is a bit hypocritical because I like to say that sometimes I have psychic moments (deja vu moments, tarot cards for example) but even I can spot a fake without the “third eye”. But sometimes in Ouija videos they have a psychic reader or someone who can feel paranormal energies to make it feel more real. These aren’t really common but there are some there. What makes them seem really fake is that they always put emphasis on things, trying to sound real, and they repeat the same things over and over again. Sometimes it sounds monotonous, as if they’re reading from memory rather than actually feeling it, so it automatically seems fake. If you know the YouTubers ThePsychicTwins, sometimes their videos (the one’s I’ve seen) seem almost fake while others seem real. I guess this is really up to whoever watches and believes enough, but personally I don’t like it when psychics or feelers get involved.


There are more things that annoy me about Ouija board videos but this is all that I can think of thus far. I’ve been tempted to create a horror story that focuses on the true horrors of possibly dealing with a ouija that makes it seem real or even go for the Cabin in the Woods route where it’s both ironic and scary, where a group of wiccans or people who practice in the paranormal or psychic in some way (tarot, psychics, hunters, etc) somehow contact a demon while doing a Ouija board and they have to fight or die or whatever. I haven’t really thought that far ahead and it was just a simple idea that I might not act upon.






It’s been a while since I’ve even updated anything about what’s going on, whether it was weird and creepy like my past posts or not. If anything, I guess it’s better to do so now rather than later, huh?


At the beginning of this summer, I finally made a trip to Japan. Considering the fact that I’m not even in my twenties, I guess that isn’t saying much, but it was a pretty scary experience for me. I’ve never traveled anywhere out of state without my parents and I wasn’t particularly close with anyone that was going in our group despite knowing most of their names and what level of Japanese they were, so I basically felt alone. I cried, of course, because it’s a separation I’ve never experienced and it was so sudden that even though I knew it was going to happen it didn’t really seem real until I couldn’t see my parents anymore. I also don’t do well with travel so I sorta regretted even suggesting about me going to Japan after graduation. But it was, in the end, pretty fun. Since I’m so used to short trips, I wasn’t sure how I’d deal with two weeks of being in another country, but I actually began to relax and enjoy myself. I noticed that my paranoia over my food allergy went down and my anxiety slowly settled to the point where I rarely, if ever, used my Carmex or put on hand sanitizer. I also managed to get along well with most of the other sixteen kids I was with until the end, when I guess I was starting to really get homesick and missed my home even more. I enjoyed exploring Japan and even staying in a traditional Japanese home, but after a while things felt a little stale because things felt repetitious. We went to Tokyo Tower and the Sky Tree, a couple of traditional palaces with samurai warriors involved, and walked around Shibuya, Harajuku, and Shinjuku as well as stayed in Ikebukuro near the end of the stay. Our homestay was in Shizuoka, near Yui. I think I enjoyed Ikebukuro the most, despite the feeling of being closed off by the people I was with once the kids who climbed Mt. Fuji came back for the last day before we headed out for the bath house. I was just happy to go back home and see my family and friends again, though I’m pretty sure my grandparents were a bit disappointed in the fact that I felt a little bored when we did something that didn’t have much hands on things to do. I didn’t mention feeling bored when we did a stamp like thing which I had just finished doing in art and didn’t particularly enjoy than so I didn’t have much fun at the museum we were doing it there with….

Anyways, I’m also having difficulties finding a job now that I’m back in the states. I technically do have a job but I’m somehow lost in space and in line to get it fixed but who knows how long that’s going to take so I have to continue looking, which I’m not happy about because it causes my dad to push me and then I get angry and then there’s a sour mood in the house for days until there’s some form of progress after or we manage to get over it and deal with a different argument. It’s frustrating and each time it reminds me of the one only child fact that as daughters get older they start to have more fights and rebellious battles with their fathers and I thought I would be the outlier until it’s been happening more and more often. I understand he’s trying to help but it’s frustrating that he won’t exactly let me do things at my pace and with my own ambition rather than forcing me into doing something because than I no longer want to do it.


I’ve also decided that if I’m even invited to one of my friend’s birthday parties this year. She recently told me that both her and her mother were a bit miffed at how I was acting like I didn’t want to be there last year and I remember not exactly feeling ready to have an overnight stay so I guess I wasn’t exactly happy. It was a Harry Potter Movie Marathon where we were supposed to stay up all night and watch all eight Harry Potter movies. She fell asleep despite it being her idea and her party while our other friend was in and out through most of the night. Then there’s me who has a hard time even sleeping at another’s house and add in the fact that I’m not emotionally ready for a sleepover so I guess I was pretty moody and didn’t eat much. We left around six in the morning and I took a two or three hour nap when I was back home and took a shower. And since, I guess, I made my friend feel annoyed and uncomfortable, this year I’ll just make an excuse and not go in the first place. I don’t want to make her day act by my emotions so it’s just best if I don’t go in the first place. Good thing is that I have a few months until she even thinks about sending out invitations so I still have time to think about this but I’m 98% sure I’ll just not go. No use being the Negative Nancy at someone else’s party…


Now on to the creepy shit! XD

I’ve been trying to stay away from it lately because it’s been showing some negative effects on me. Mostly a heightened sense of paranoia and sleep deprivation. Cause it scares the shit out of me when it’s dark out and I watch videos about actual monsters. I’m not really scared of Creepypasta’s much anymore, at least not any of the popular ones because there are so many fanfictions that have romanticized them and fanart that’s made them cute and so they’re no longer that scary. I’ve been tempted to make a collection where they’re shown as actual monsters rather than love interests unless they’re in character. But the Rake really freaks me out so when I’m scared at night I stroke and take comfort from my Cthulhu squishable along with Slenderplushie, Enderplushie, and now my squid, Leolin.

But what really terrifies me are Black Eyed Kids (BEK or BEC). There’s one YouTuber that I occasionally check out called FantasticDaily that has a high BEK video streak. There was one video he had where I had to leave immediately because it scared me so much, but it was of him hiding in the closet after he heard a door open in his home while he was by himself (his family was staying somewhere else for their safety so he was alone for the most part) and then a shadow of someone or something appeared in the room and I was like “NOPE!” but not before going back, copying the link, and sending it to a guy I occasionally talk to on tumblr and wanted to see how long he could go without leaving from fear. It wasn’t a long video but it seemed to take forever.

There’s also been some activity from the demon and/or ghost in my home. In case I haven’t talked about it before, there are times where we joke about having a demon or ghost living in the attic of our apartment because we hear random noises and thumps as if someone’s walking or accidentally fell back into a wall upstairs when no one’s up there. Sometimes things fall. But I don’t fear it anymore as I probably should because while something did grab my mom’s foot in the middle of the night and woke her up by giggling around 3 am and bumped into the foot of my bed that was near my wall and practically blocked and stood in front of my fan while my foot was sticking out, he or she hasn’t done anything harmful. My friend just thinks they’re trying to protect me and I laughed because it’s “protecting” me from cooling off. In any case, I just hope it doesn’t have a need to kill us in our sleep, because we try to keep the house in working order and try not to bother it. I always think that as long as we don’t go hunting it or pull lots of attention to it, they shouldn’t attack or hurt us because we’re allowing them to live it’s life like a normal demon or ghost.


This was an update so whoever’s actually paying attention, hope you enjoyed!


School…. Bleh!


Everyone has those moments where you don’t exactly like going to school either because you dislike the teachers, the students or the subjects in general. Maybe homework isn’t your strong point and your grades are low because you’ve forgotten to turn in so many assignments and now you hate school because your parents are hounding you about your grades and whatnot and all you want to do is burn the place down to the ground. Yes?

Well, that’s how I feel right now.


The beginning of second semester started off good. Like, I managed to finally get an art class, Japanese is slowly making sense and I may have a chance to travel to Japan this summer, physics is okay, I started a class called Independent Living and teaches me about money and living alone, I was beginning to have fun and bond with people in band once again, I was happily sitting in English without anyone noticing me and history was finally at a place where I can somewhat understand what’s going on.

Now it’s all going backwards and I’m feeling frustrated and angry and a bit depressed about what’s all going on right now and IB tests have barely even started for another month.

In first, my art class, we’re doing things I literally have no interest in doing. While it may be helpful in expanding my art technique but I had more fun in the cartooning class I was in for a week or two before I was forcefully transferred classes with little to no warning (again). It’s alright but I would enjoy it a little more if I the teacher acts so disinterested in some of the things I say to her while she seems to be more interested in other students at their work. Making me feel useless in something that I’ve been doing for nearly my whole life. So it isn’t making me feel happy at all, like art should (most of the time).

In Japanese, my second period, things are much better. I have more friends in that class and I know the teacher well enough, but even knowing her for four years it still feels like we haven’t really connected, like she seems to have with the other students in our class. Where there are little jokes that are between her and the rest of the class plus that student and stuff? That doesn’t happen between us or even some of my friends. It’s kinda disheartening.

Third period: Physics. That’s fine. I have no qualms with that, so I have no actual complaints with that class. Which is weird cause there’s math.

Fourth: Independent Living. This is like the first two periods in my day. Except this is the second time I’ve had this teacher because I had her for a semester last year. But both times, including this year, it seems as if we can’t connect and she just doesn’t understand much about me. I don’t know why it seems like none of my teachers and I can connect, which I’ve been able to do before but this year it just seems impossible and I’m close to just giving up trying in class to interact if it means that there isn’t a connection between teacher and student?

Period 5: Band. Since we’re having band contest next week, our conductor and the other band have been sharing the main band room while switching out after about 90 minutes all together. I play bass clarinet (I switched after playing a regular B flat clarinet after 6 years) and there’s only two of us: my partner and I. Since there’s only two of us our conductor has said multiple times that we should play louder since he wants to hear our sound. But today he contradicted himself and told us we had to be waaaaaay quieter than we have been playing already so the two of us basically play as if we’re nonexistent. That being said, it made me feel like I was back to playing a regular clarinet: We’re meant to be seen, not to be heard (apparently). So I’m sorta feeling depressed and angry at everything right now since it’s being added to stuff that’s already been happening for almost an entire week.

Now onto the bain of my existence: English, period 6. Last Friday, my English teacher ruined a major part (one of the big things in the end) of The Lord of the Rings and made a huge five to seven minute schpiel about being sorry and apologizing and embarrassing me. Yesterday he did it once again, this time commenting about me getting the wrong book (of course it would be me who manages to get the wrong style of book even though the instructions said “any book by the penguin industry” which I got and didn’t even mention it had to start on page 11) and he didn’t even whisper in a quiet room with his microphone on so everyone heard and I was just like “Stop talking to me.” That conversation lasted another five minutes so I’m tired of being in the spotlight of my English teacher. I don’t like being in the main spotlight in English or in History because that’s where all the smart people are since I’m taking IB classes and I’m below average for them. And it’s embarrassing so I’m kinda disinterested in interacting with him for the rest of the year and I’m hoping to lay low for another three-ish months so I don’t have to add more minutes to the end of my life for being embarrassed by my teacher.

And lastly, 7th: History. This isn’t so bad, even though my teacher accidentally called me the wrong name and once in a while mentions me when we’re talking about IB stuff since I’m not taking the same things as everyone else (I’m partial IB not full IB so I’m not getting the IB diploma, meaning I don’t have to worry too much about failing a test and not being able to graduate with my “IB Diploma” because I’m not aiming for an IB diploma).

All in all, I’m sick and tired and dislike school because of teachers right now. I frustrated with people and I had a good start to my day and it ended badly because of the last band after school practice before next Wednesday, which is the day of our contest. So I’m not in the happiest of moods right now because of school.







Was I ABDUCTED?!?!?!

If you’ve read my post about conspiracies or even about the tips on how to survive living by yourself without turning into a real life horror movie, you know that I DON’T like aliens. Not. One. Bit.

But after talking about it a bit and watching a few alien based videos by either Shane or Top15s or some other YouTube channel somehow, I decided to look up possible signs to show if you’ve been abducted or not. Yeah, I connected with most of them…. Or I could just be crazy…. Which is one of the signs, but I’ll post my source once I’m done explaining, so don’t worry. Also, check it out in case you’re interested to see if you’ve been abducted or is just as paranoid and crazy as me! 😀 Continue reading “Was I ABDUCTED?!?!?!”

My Favourite Cartoons/Anime from my Childhood (and Ongoing)


I recently talked to my parents about an old (considered old by 12 year old today) cartoon TV show that we have the complete DVDs for and then I remembered all the old cartoons and anime I remember watching or was told I watched as a child.


1) Daria

I think Daria is one of the few cartoons that I actually got into immediately as a child. It features a teen girl named Daria Morgendorfer of average looks and a sarcastic and monotone humor that moves with her two overbearing parents and annoying little sister that tries to ignore her that starts her last year of high school. It mostly follows some random but also pretty normal occurrences and Lawndale High between the main cast and a few minor characters that leave some pretty funny moments with dry humor involved.

I loved most episodes of Daria, though I didn’t exactly like much with her later love interest Tom, though that’s probably because I felt that she and Trent Lane, her best friend’s older brother, was a better match than her and Tom. Either way, I didn’t like Tom very much in most of the episodes he was featured in and I was very glad when they broke up in the end before the movie “Is it College Yet?”. Either way, my favourite out of all the episodes had to be “Daria!” which is where the entire episode is made like a musical and it was, by far, the best episode because we got to see the singing voices of most of the main cast and as a child I loved it. Even now I enjoy it more than the rest of the episodes, even both movies “Is it Fall Yet?” and “Is it College Yet?”.


2) The Simpsons

I’ve been told by this many times but, apparently, when I was only a few hours old, I’ve liked The Simpsons. Though, while the animation style has improved and the stories have declined (in my personal opinion), I still love the show. I’ve spent each summer break watching all the series that we own before FOX stopped producing DVDs of the later seasons at least once.

Since the show is so old and it appeared on basic cable for the “poor” people when I was younger, most of my friends now have either never watched The Simpsons or hasn’t even heard of it. One of my friends has seen an episode or two but has said that they never liked it and for that I understand. But it’s a bit saddening because most of my humor has been based on the show since it’s been around since the early 90s and I’ve been alive since the 1999s…


3) South Park

South Park isn’t exactly old but it’s not new either. Most people know South Park as the swear word filled paper cut outs that have no exact “plot” until just recently. I’d disapprove of that statement for I’ve been watching South Park since I was 8 years old and I’ve always found the humor hilarious despite the multitude of swear words. I mean, there’s even an episode where the word “shit” was an actual curse that created an entire demon to come out and they had to put it back into the ground with the help of the knights to kill it.

Since there are so many episodes that I love, I can’t necessarily say which is my ultimate favourite. And don’t even ask about my favourite character cause you’ll get an even longer list with about ten characters clogging up the number 1 spot. And I don’t want a repeat of the List episode that caused Kyle to go crazy and almost burn down the school.

Either way, South Park is another show where very few of my friends get. Only just recently did one of my friends start watching it so we do the “Aaaayyy!” with the finger guns when one of us make a reference. It doesn’t feel exactly the same as if everyone watched it and the other person whom I know favors the show we aren’t particularly friends anymore, so there’s no connection….


4) Sonic X

I haven’t watched this anime in years (despite watching it on 4KIDS it’s technically an anime) but it’s always my favourite. Also, I watched it as an “English Dubbed” anime so I guess translation errors were mostly what made it completely hilarious to a 5 year old me.

In any case, Sonic X was a pretty good anime. You were introduced to Doctor Eggman and his robots (which I can’t remember their names atm) and we never really know about his real named: Doctor Ivo Robotnik. We also got to know a rather sexy bat that made many question their sexuality, Sonic, Christopher (Robin LOL), Amy Rose, Tails, Cheese, Cream, and a whole bunch of animals and later on we saw the good guy crew with the Chameleon, Crocodile, and the annoying Bee character. Those three came waaaaay after I stopped watching Sonic but I felt that this cartoon focused a lot about Sonic’s fear of large bodies of water and even more on his avoidance of Amy. Plus, we got to see a lot of Chao. I think the Nintendo Gamecube game I have is based off of this anime….


5) The Smurfs

When I lived at my old apartment complex between the ages 1 to 8, we had the channel to the original Smurfs. I don’t remember a lot of watching this but I do actually remembering watching it in the first place and can remember blips and pieces of small blue people living in mushrooms and wanting to have hair like Smurfette. This was way before the Smuf movies that came out in the 2010 decade. I think my parents were more into it than I was but I still like the Smurfs today, but less of Smurfette and more of Brainy Smurf or Vainy Smurf.


6) One Piece

This is what my mother says she remembers me watching a lot when I was three. I watch it more now, since I know a lot more about it (well, I read it more than watch), but since I don’t have a lot of memories (basically zero), I’m basing this off of my mother’s memory than my own. I still think it’s a good anime, though, so if I still see it now, it’s something important in my life.


7) Family Guy

Family Guy is the second thing I watched and was even considered a few months older than me by now. I think that’s pretty cool.

Considering it’s like The Simposons by now, with a declining story line and animation becoming more advanced, it’s not something I watch constantly anymore. Mainly because I find some of the jokes they make stupid now and I don’t go out of my way to even see it unless Stewie or (sigh) Brian are the main focal point in the episode. I, personally, think they should do more Stewie and Brian skits and focus more on Meg in a positive light, like they did for a bit in the episode where she got famous and pretty thanks to a make over (despite how petty people were there as well).



Those are most of the things I remember watching as a kid. I’m sure my parents would input more cartoons that I’ve seen and continue seeing even now, but I’m starting to come up empty at the moment so this is as far as I’ll go today.










Tips on What NOT to do When Transported to an Anime

I showed my friend, America, my last post with the tips on how to survive a IRL horror movie and the next day, while talking about fanfictions in general, suggested I do one for anime transportations in case it happens in real life. For those writing OC or Reader based fanfics, these will probably help too. 🙂

So here are MY tips on what not to do so you don’t blow your cover:

1) Change your name:

If it’s completely necessary, it’s probably a good idea to change your name. In most fanfictions that I’ve read in the past or even currently and will read in the future, the Reader or the OC gets transported to a universe where all names are mostly Japanese (with Bleach being one of the few exceptions that I know with Chad {depending on version}) and they have names like “Lauren” or “Timothy” or something. That is literally a red flag to the characters and rarely can you pass off the “Oh, my parents were weird” or the “I’m from a different land” phrase to those guys. It’s a giant cliche. So just in case, come up with a name that could fit into most anime and plan to use that as your Anime Name or AniMe for short (LOL). For example, my name – which I know is already hard to pronounce in Japanese for I have to use shi for my Ci in my first name and it comes out weird – begins with a letter C so I have a fanfic where, when my friend and I transported, I chose a name that started with the same letter. So my AniMe would be Chie {CHI-EH} instead of what my actual name would be.

2) Know your timeline:

If you don’t know the timeline all the way through, that’s okay. Sometimes it’s really good to know the timeline of where you’ve been transported so that way you don’t mess up and accidentally say something that hasn’t happened or HAS happened but hasn’t been revealed to everyone that wasn’t involved just yet and ruin everything. Because it’s really awkward to try and come up with an excuse that doesn’t sound completely weak when it comes out of your lips. For example, I’ve recently read a Harry Potter crossover with The Walking Dead and the author really inserted the reveal of magic quite well. Instead of Harry (for the pairing was Harry x Daryl) calmly doing magic in front of the Atlanta group at the very beginning, he had an actual backstory with the Dixon brothers that allowed him to reveal magic that wasn’t too cliche (some pain induced magic while he was unconscious) and only did magic in front of them until later, when Harry was forced to use magic to save the kids and then later explained that Glenn Rhee was a squib whose sisters or his parents were magical so he already knew somewhat about the war and how famous Harry was later on. To sum it up, they knew about the timeline for each, how old each was and figured out a way to keep things in line… Or maybe I completely confused you and did an example that didn’t make sense with the tip. Either way, I got to brag about one of my favourite reads 🙂

3) Don’t digress from the theme:

One of the things I find common in any story that involves Ouran High School Host Club had the Reader or OC wear something that wasn’t even in line with the theme or went completely off the type of story the original was without any warning in the tags or description and made everything confusing. Like the main character of the fic would wear either the boys uniform but with a skirt because it was “specially ordered” or they would wear something that completely didn’t really appeal to the reader (in this case, Me) and so things didn’t feel right. When you go to a universe that involves ninja gear and ninja shoes, don’t wear a stripper outfit and a pair of high top heels. That’s not apart of the code, not even in Boruto (which I dislike immensely by the way) which was, like, a twenty-ish year time skip and now they have screens and stuff everywhere when earlier it took four or eight gigantic batteries to power one tv screen and a camera. If a really happy based anime has all these cutesy or happy outfits, it’s okay to where black or baggy clothes and stuff. Just don’t all of a sudden wear heavy metal spikes all over your body because you want to be appealing to the reader (which half the time isn’t really that cool and it takes too long to explain everything).

4) Create a good back story

One giant thing that connects to tip number 2 is creating a good back story for yourself or your character. It would help if you based most of it off of what’s actually happened in your life when you were in the real world. Like, if you had a dog named Stacey and your mother was a single parent, then use that, just change “Stacey” to something that could fit into the story better. I, personally, don’t think that, in real life, both of your parents were giant douches to you that favoured your little brother more than you so decided to pay more attention onto them than you and because of that you grew up bitter and joined a gang but really you’re the sweetest person known to mankind and everybody in the world loves you because you have a big heart despite the damage done to you as a child because you were molested when you were twelve by your ex-boyfriend who’s still out to get you and finish the job but your three knew boyfriends and your two girlfriends will protect you because they love you so much and don’t need to know your entire past. That was real lengthy right? That’s because that’s what’s commonly seen in new authors and it’s really boring when you read that same back story eighteen times in a row. It’s also really hard to remember so it would be easier just to use what you already know about your life and tweak things enough to make it believable.

5) You can’t be friends with everyone

Everyone wants to be either the bestest of friends or lovers with their favourite characters, even if they deny it. But you won’t always be buddy-buddy with them because their actual personalities will be different from the ones your head has made up from what you already know (in case you haven’t gone deep into writing and tried to be as detailed to their character as possible) or you were transported in a time where they’ve either changed or you’ll never get to see them, no matter how hard you try. One of my favourite Gaara x OC stories is a little one shot where the OC was the girl that every guy wanted and the girl every girl wanted to be but “she only had eyes for him” AKA Gaara. And, of course, she went up to him, flipped her hair, fluttered her lashes, and told him something along the lines of “I love you and we should be together, for I only have eyes for you.” And then Gaara, in the perfect characterization ever (for this was before Shippuden showed up Gaara as Kazekage), said “Sand coffin” just as she was about to give him a hug or a kiss and killed her. It was beautiful. And it shows that that was his character and not even a beautiful face could change his opinion. Which, for his character and an overly used way to be close to him, if you wanted to be close to Gaara, you would have to either know him before his transition into being a “monster” or after Sasuke leaves Konoha.


This was just a small list, for I didn’t have much to work on and I didn’t want to run on too long. If I come up with anything else, I’ll be sure to add a part two 🙂


Link to the HPXTWD story: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6419452/chapters/14695951

Link to the Gaara x OC story:https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4677290/1/SOUL-MATES

Tips to Not Die in a Real Life Horror Movie When You’re Home Alone


So I had this idea to do this while I was talking to some people and figured,”Hey, why not?” So I feel like it would be cool to create a list of things I do when I’m left home alone so I don’t end up being in some supernatural, alien-fied, super murder, teen killer horror movie that would probably not do well for Box Offices everywhere and end up being remade into a Supernatural episode for season 25 or something.

So here’s my list with explanations!:

1) Don’t look into any mirrors that has a door opened adjacent to the room:

My reasoning for this is mainly because my over-imaginative  brain always switches the darkness coming from my parent’s open bedroom to look like Sadako or Kayako from the Grudge  or The Ring just standing there, ready to cut my head off with an axe or something. Plus, it’s one of the many jump scares that is very common in horror movies, especially if the bathroom is one of the major places the main characters go. Or if the bathroom mirror is one of those that can open into a medicine cabinet or something.

2) Don’t be mean to any dolls or stuffed animals or any inanimate objects

This should be really obvious. I mean, have you ever seen a movie where the doll attacked the people that actually treated them nicely? We’re excluding dolls that possess the children that treat them nicely because in all actuality, they’re technically not the child anymore so there’s little chances of the child actually being hurt by the demon or whatever that possesses the kid unless it was suicide. But back to the point: if you have any inanimate objects of any kind, treat them like you want to be treated, cause they’re less likely to go out for revenge to kill you cause of mistreatment. Like seriously, trust me on this one. I’ve been nice to all my things (or at least tried to treat them decently) and never once have I’ve seen one try to kill me… yet…

3) Don’t go investigate any strange noises that are happening upstairs…

… because it’s 99% likely a demon living in your attic or shuffling through your things and not a burglar. If you think it’s a robber trying to get your stuff from UPSTAIRS, look outside through your windows and look for a ladder or something that definitely seems fishy. Cause there’s a chance that the robber has a gun and it’s better to be safe than sorry for both possibilities. If it’s neither, that 0.00000000001% that people with minds like mine think about as the last resort, it’s the house shifting because of neighbors (if you live in an apartment) or… well, if it’s a house, I have little idea why there’s a shift in your house. In any case, demons or poltergeists aren’t really the best to go against by yourself, despite what movies show. Cause it’s terrifying  to go alone… And none of us have anybody to give us things because it’s dangerous.

4) If you think it’s aliens…

… it’s probably an alien. Gather all the water you can in case they’re the aliens from Signs and if it’s not, well, use your last waking moment of either not being abducted or killed and used for alien ingredients to see if there’s any other ways to harm an extraterrestrial. If you have the Alienology book in, what I call, the Ology series (the large books with pictures like Dragonology or Wizardology, etc), then look in that to see if there are any more tips for this topic, because aliens isn’t really a forte I plan to look into because they scare the sh*t out of me…


I’ve seen too many movies, videos, and even American Horror Story: Coven to know that that’s a bad idea to do alone. In fact, don’t even touch a Ouija board with a group of friends. Whether you believe in the Spiritual Realm or not, this is one of the tips I WANT you to follow. Terrible things happen with Ouija boards and my friend America and I agree that it’s one of the “games” that’s particularly dangerous. Not only can you be possessed by demons, ghosts, and poltergeists that could be out to get you, but friends who don’t know the dangers of this board will pressure you into playing it even if you say that you won’t be pressured. If you really feel the need to talk to spirits and want to use the Ouija, then go to a psychic (even a “fake” one would do) and have them be with you. And they have to be experienced. Because there’s a chance that they would no what to do if things go bad. So, to make this short, don’t play this by yourself at home when you’re alone.

6) Don’t watch scary movies or videos unless you’ve seen them before

I’ve done this before so I know how bad it could be. I was alone watching a bunch of videos that involved ghosts and creatures and conspiracies and such while it was dark and I managed to not go to sleep until 4 in the morning because of it. Also because I don’t trust 3 AM unless it was truly dire, like I had school in the morning or something. But this doesn’t mean you can’t watch scary movies. I’ve watched Resident Evil: Apocalypse by myself along with Hush , though I’ve seen the former many times and still managed to pee myself on expected scares and the latter was new, so not that scary. I guess this is more of a caution, depending on how scared you can get.

7) If you live near woods, try not to look outside your window when it’s dark and into the woods

My reasoning for this is related to the first tip: eyes can play tricks on you in the dark. If you have a knowledge of creatures, scenes, or anything related to scary things, then they’ll project those thoughts into your eyes. For example, if you know about Slenderman, than there’s a chance you’d think Slenderman was hanging between the tall trees in the dark even though it’s just a tree in the daylight. Or, if you’ve seen the Simpsons episode where it was X-Files themed, then you might think an alien is in there when it’s really just *SPOILERS* Mr. Burns. This is also, just a caution, but you won’t have anyone to run to for safety when you scare yourself and need something to calm you down and cute and happy videos on YouTube doesn’t help.

8) Don’t experiment with anything psychic related without research and precautions

This is like the one about Ouija boards. Tarot cards, crystals, lucid dreaming, and calling a spirit are some examples. Inexperience without research could possibly cost you your life (if you believe such things) and there goes your happy evening in solitude. Now, I know I’m contradicting myself, because I used tarot cards when I was by myself, but I must say that I didn’t touch a card at all until I read the book that my set came with, explaining what to do, what each card meant, and how to possibly read cards depending on the questions. I know, I know, they’re new and shiny and you just want to play with it (or experience it, depending on lucid dreaming) but still, it would make me feel better if you at least don’t jump right in as soon as you get it without learning it correctly.

9) The dark isn’t always your friend

Some people love the dark and feel safe, but not everyone. Being alone and in the dark is always one of my fears if there’s a storm outside, because the dark can play tricks on your mind and it’s terrifying, thinking there’s a face among the shadows when really it’s just the light switch on the wall. So, while you may feel comfortable with the dark, you shouldn’t rely on it when you’re alone.

10) And (just because) always trust a child or an animal if they see something you can’t

There’s a reason why children and animals can sense things adults can’t. It’s because their mind is so innocent or they’re not as corrupt or aware as an adult would be (or that’s what I think). So if a child starts looking at a wall and clearly isn’t zoning out and looking like they’re listening to someone talking and nothing is on, follow Ryan Higa’s words and GTFO. If a dog or cat is acting clearly out of norms at nothing, GTFO. And if, for some reason you don’t listen to your instincts to GTFO, then you must be a character from Cabin in the Woods and deserve whatever you get. Because I’m sure there’s already been a bunch of warning that something isn’t right. Like, if the blood on the wall wasn’t there five minutes ago and you ignored it, it’s gonna be your fault.



So there you have it. Ten tips I felt were important enough to start talking about and giving to those interested on when you’re home alone and you don’t feel like being a victim of a horror movie in real life.

Note: I did not mention clowns or anything on surveillance cameras because I’ve never experienced such things. Also, I don’t feel like talking or thinking about clowns for a third day in a row. It’s bad enough that clown zombies and clown snakes have been thought of.




Horror and Conspiracies


I wasn’t usually the one for horror movies as a child. Whenever my parents would have wanted to watch The X-Files during dinner or some other time I as around them, I would go into small panic attacks that involved plugging my ears and doing an escalating version of arpeggios, scales and sometimes screaming just to not hear the opening theme song. My parents would probably just say I’m over exaggerating about such things, but even now I can go into a state where I can’t do anything else but try and ignore the sounds coming from the speakers if I can’t switch the TV channels fast enough. I’d have terrible nightmares whenever I managed to get through a jumpscare filled horror movie or a bloodbath of a zombie flick. I can still remember one nightmare I had as a child where my old school was infested by zombies and my parents and I had taken refuge in the front office with the principle infected as the rest of the parents and students are stuck in the front part of the school where all the students had to wait until the first bell to be able to go to class were feasted upon.

Now, it’s a bit ironic. Around the time I was 12 or so, I received my first zombie plush, which I deemed Krackerz. He gained a family: Cheeze, his wife, their children Krumbz and Kookiez, and their three faithful zombie pets, a rabbit named Pippin, a ThinkGeek monkey named Timothy, and a cat named Sylvester Deathmittens. From there, because of my plush family, I guess my fear of zombies soon turned to a curiosity and then a frenzy of fangirling that probably was helped by The Walking Dead, which I became a fan of about two or three years after the first season came out.

After zombies came monsters and then all together, horror movies in general. And now, since Hollywood-made horror flicks are becoming dull or remade or a plot full of cliches, I’ve turned my faith towards the Internet.

Now, let me explain a little more into my fear as a child before I step any further into this post. If there’s one thing I try not to touch it’s aliens. Already I get, what I like to call, War Flashbacks whenever a thunderstorm happens wherever I’m at. War of the Worlds, starring Tom Cruise, was one of the flashbacks, causing panic attacks at the thought that large, seed-like beings digging into the earth and springing out once hit by another strike of lightening coming to life into the real world. Even now, 12 years since the first time I watched it as a child at the age of five, I feel fear grip at my chest and feel my breathing become irregular at any sign of thunder and lightening, though the latter more in particular.

A similar feeling erupts whenever I think of the Signs, starring Mel Gibson and directed by M. Night Shaymalan, though that was merely because of the look of the aliens involved and the fact that the jumpscares and suspense were, admittedly, well-timed for an alien movie.

I’m sure there are many more alien based movies that have given me more nightmares and irrational imaginations and habits (including Aliens, Predator, and so on), there some alien based movies that are either meant to be funny (such as any of the Scary Movie parodies) or makes the viewer sympathize with the victimized “alien” in the end (District 9).

But I digress.

Aliens aren’t my type of horror thing, mainly because since I’ve stumbled upon a few Shane Dawson’s alien based creepy videos that I’ve begrudgingly watched and regretted soon after and even watched an episode or two from the Psychic Twins that have appeared a few times on his channel on their own channel that has freaked me out a few times. Each one, though, involved an alien encounter or abduction, and after a few joking minutes of talking to my friend, America (who shall be named so upon future posts), of possibly being abducted as a child, calmed down. It wasn’t until watching a video that the Psychic Twins had posted with Shane talking about aliens and the signs of alien abductions that I possibly considered was a possibly for myself, after considering some of the symptoms that are possible. Now, I try not to think too much of it.

But again, I’m straying from the point of this post.

I wanted to talk about the conspiracies that I’ve seen over the past few weeks of watching YouTube videos that have extreme signs of deep research and proof and even ghost/creature/alien based videos from Top15s, Shane, and the Psychic Twins and even my own dabbling into the CreepyPasta side of the Internet and the famed H.P Lovecraft book I have downstairs that I hope to finish reading in the next few years.

Let’s begin with conspiracies. Now, I don’t always believe the conspiracies that I’ve encountered over the few weeks. The ones that I do particularly believe in is the “Paul is Dead” theory, the Illuminati, and sometimes even the FEMA camps if I thought hard on it. Though with the latter, it’s a bit hard to believe that if FEMA really wanted to create a camp ground that can collect the entire human population to be able to mass kill them, then why choose Wal*Mart? Malls would make a lot more sense, to me, considering their bigger and their parking lots, despite popular belief, has a lot more space. Why else would they make parking garages and make most malls so large and empty feeling with so many “security only” places they don’t want civilians to go to? Why do you think that bigger malls have smaller ones so close to them? Because they want to have their underground tunnels to be of easier access than the long tunnels supposedly under those five Wal*Marts?

Now, there are some that just seem particularly stupid. I won’t name any at the moment, for I don’t have the information needed to back up my case and I’m not that idiotic to go out on an argument with guns a blazing with no extra bullets.

I find conspiracies to be particularly interesting. Mainly because people can find the smallest details and make them seem bigger than they are and actually make it make extreme sense. Like the streaks of “jet exhaust” across the sky being the possibility of the government either (A) trying to control the weather or (B) producing mind control chemicals that everyone’s breathing in. But some, like the lizard theory, seem a bit out there. I mean, the fact that aliens are controlling the government or the Illuminati doing it or even the Devil himself, sounds more plausible.

Now let’s move on to the ghosts and other horror based things. Ghosts, monsters, and cursed objects are certainly more popular to find on the Internet than conspiracies (or at least it’s easier to find on YouTube than conspiracies). There are some that seem actually quite believable, even if there’s people saying it’s easily faked.

One of the things I believe to actually exist is the Jersey Devil. I believed it existed the first time I saw a quick video about it on Facebook and showed it to my mother. It was one of the few creatures that didn’t send a spike of adrenaline and fear into my system and the need to run away. And if it’s all faked, then it’s a bit odd to choose a goat with dragon wings. I am a believer of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Chupacabra. I’m also an expert in a small portion of Japanese Youkai, thanks to a school project that I did with a friend for culture points so whenever I see proof of a Youkai existing, I’m more excited than scared.

Speaking of Youkai, one of the videos that I watched that allowed me to squeal in joy was the Japanese tire commercial that Shane showed on his creepy commercial video. It was the one with the girl that looked like the girl from the grudge standing out in the snow and immediately I thought of the Yuki-onna, or the Snow woman. More videos that were shown in Japan also allow me to see Youkai, such as the tsunami mist creature that could possibly be a Youkai or a trick of the light or the woman that suddenly appears when a man gets into a taxi (which, to be honest, I thought looked like the Kuchisake-onna, or Cut mouth woman). Either way, I’m not entirely fearful of Japanese ghosts, creatures, and monsters because I’ve done research so knowing what I can do in case I happen to suddenly encounter one could save my life.

KUCHISAKE-ONNA TIP: If one suddenly encounters a dark haired woman with a mask covering the lower part of her face, asking you if you think she’s pretty and reveals her face underneath, all sliced up like Jeff the Killer, don’t say yes and don’t say no. If you say yes, you’re going to be called a liar and you’ll be killed. If you say no, she’s going to go crazy and hate you, and you’re going to die because now she thinks you think she’s ugly. Say “You look okay” or “You look average” (I’m unsure how to translate まあまあ directly into English, but it’s basically so-s0) because the answer with confuse the woman and as she thinks about your answer it will give you time to book your ass out of there.


One of the creatures I don’t think is possible, after showing my mother, is the Russian spider-like creature. It’s mainly the fact that it’s quite spider-like and it gives me the heebie jeebies. The same goes for anything that resembles the Rake, though whenever I see videos I have to shake my head at the poor skills of identifying the Rake, for the Rake crawls on both hands and feet and all things shown is either small or is standing more like it’s cold and it’s taking a casual stroll.

I find any noises found to be quite interesting. The one involving trumpets being heard or the dragons off into the distance is quite interesting, though anything that involved the “Bloop” (which the narrator pronounced as “Blop”) to be quite adorable. Julia, on the other hand, (which is like Bloop but a bit deeper into the ocean) is a bit too much even for me. Recorded exorcists are also quite interesting, as I watched one that was in India with the woman being exorcised by the Quran that said “I’m protecting her. She needs me”. And to be honest, I felt a little flattered that a demon wants to protect a woman. Though it also made me a bit pissed into thinking that only demons possess women and I’m insulted at the thought that all stories think women are weak enough to be the only one possessed 99% of the time.

Now that I’ve delved a bit into demons and creatures, ghosts are up next. Ghosts are a bit tricky, because they can be confused with poltergeists. There’s also the fact that people decide it’s okay to use a Ouija board to contact either of these and end up getting a demon instead and I’m like “NOPE! YOU IDIOTS!” whenever such things happen. Either way, I’m sticking with tarot cards rather than anything like that. Ouija boards are a giant no-no in my book, because there’s so many things that can happen that could possibly kill or hurt you and I’m also not in to talking too much to a demon that could already kill me. I’m okay with the demon in my own home (which is jokingly said between my family and I). Which I feel is a better option than a robber, because at least I know what a demon might want than a robber when I’m home alone.

I feel like I’ve rambled on longer than I planned and I was gonna get to the CreepyPasta side of this post, but since that’s a side I’m more comfortable with, I may just make a separate post about it instead.




Likes, Dislikes, and Me

Normally, I’d begin a post with a bright and excitable “Yo!” but considering this is my first post, let’s have a little Get to Know Me as a good beginning. I’m unsure of the exact format I want, so I figured a bullet point list along with a few extended paragraphs would do for now. 😛


  • Cows
  • Anime/Manga (Hetalia, Library Wars, Naruto, Samurai 7, etc)
  • Being scared (reasonably, of course)
  • Homestuck
  • Reading
  • Hoodies
  • Drawing/Sketches
  • Watching a lot of YouTube videos


  • Bullies
  • Spiders
  • Spicy things
  • People who can’t tell between a joke and being mean
  • Being photographed


Those are just a simple completion of some of my likes and dislikes that have been appearing over the years I’ve been alive.

Some more simple information about me:

  • I’m currently learning Japanese and will probably add a few posts that are in crappy Japanese that I try to put together that makes sense and I’ve been learning for approximately four years now and I plan to continue
  • I hope to create a successful YouTube channel though I have yet to film or edit anything just yet, but once I do, I might share in a later post
  • My friends call me Russia, based off of Hetalia, because in our small group, we have two female Jordan’s who only have one vowel of difference so they’re called America and Canada (also based off of Hetalia)
  • I also have a tumblr, though despite having it for 2 years, it’s not as popular as one of my side blogs, which I’ve sorta been ignoring, and it’s kinda sad…
  • I believe I’m extremely funny, though most of the populace of the world seem to think otherwise, but oh well. I think I’m still funny


That’s just a little sneak peak into me, the author, and possible future posts.






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